Monday, May 10, 2010

PGA Golf Club at Coyote Springs - Is it worth it?

I get asked get this question quite a bit, since the Coyote Springs golf course is a good 50 minute drive south of Mesquite. Many guests don't really want to drive very far once they get to their final destinations, which I understand fully, but I always ask a few questions to put the viability of making the drive into perspective.

First, I try to find out the interest level and knowledge of golf  a client has to gain a perspective of what someone is used to at home and on other golf trips they may have taken. If you are a casual golf fan, play less than 3 times a year, don't know your handicap, and the name Jack Nicklaus brings to mind that guy who is in the movies and sits front row at Laker games, then you most likely will not want to make the drive to Coyote Springs.

But, if you are on the other side of those things, then you absolutely, one hundred percent want to make the effort to go see this golf course!

PGA Golf Club at Coyote Springs is one of the most enjoyable Jack Nicklaus golf courses I have played in the past few years. Sure, its a bit on the fake and dramatic side of golf architecture, with numerous waterfalls, a ton of crazy looking bunkers, and lots of man-made features created, but how else are you gonna attract golfers to drive out there to play it, considering the course is located literally in the middle of nowhere.

Coyote Springs in a nutshell is totally contrived, over shaped, out of place, and in my opinion........who cares! It's an amazingly solid golf course, unbelievably beautiful, a ton of fun to play and is definitely worth the drive!!

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